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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wellness Professional

Jul 23, 2020

On today's podcast episode I interview a very special guest! 
Nicole Otchy is a personal stylist and branding consultant for high performers who are ready to use their wardrobes as a tool to become more fully self-expressed. I’ve also known her since we were 14 years old. Even as a teenager, she was one of the most quick witted, insightful people I’d ever met. She continues to be all that and more, and it’s an honor to have her share her wisdom with us. 

What wisdom is that? Nicole doesn’t mince words as we discuss why you need to get out of your yoga pants In order shift into a higher level of success in your business. Yup, 4 way stretch pants don’t always equate to more profits. Why? Because you aren’t just a yoga teacher. You’re a thought leader. You have a brand. You’re a business owner. It’s time to own it and look the part.

I've worked with Nicole as her client, fyi. When I hired her I was feeling really very much in a rut in how I looked, how I felt about myself. It’s hard to feel like a CEO when you’re like a soccer mom living in lululemon. I knew I wanted to show up differently in my work, feel confident during interviews, find my voice during speaking engagements, and feel steady no matter what opportunities came my way. 
I didn’t want to look like a stuffy pantsuit kind of woman, obviously. I wanted to be comfortable in my own style (which includes lots of rose gold and skulls). 

I've been on a yogic journey for 20 years. I’ve been on a personal growth/coaching journey for 7 of them. And when I began my work with Nicole I was SHOCKED and confronted by how much I saw in myself that I had never seen before. 

Come find out how Nicole helped me get out of my yoga pants and show up more powerfully for myself and my clients.

To get more info about Nicole and her consulting business please go to :