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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wellness Professional

Sep 12, 2019

Today I'm sharing with you the reasons why I always, always, always do a client consultation before I sign somebody into working with me in a one on one setting. A few years ago when I changed my way of working with clients to adopt this process, I had some teachers who my mentor asked me questions like, "Sara, are people turned off by you seeming so official? Are people weirded out by the fact that you do this?" And the answer was no. In fact, many of my one on one clients run their own businesses and they appreciated my level of professionalism far more than I ever anticipated they would.

The other thing is it's okay if I turn some people off by how I run my business. I don't need everyone to like me. Neither do you. And turning some people off is a really good thing because it ensures you won't be wasting your time with folks who aren't really serious about doing the work with you.