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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wellness Professional

Oct 25, 2021

On today's podcast episode I’m sharing a big announcement:

I am retiring from coaching, yoga teachers and healers for some powerful reasons. Because I value transparency, I’m sharing those reasons with you today. 

First, I am going full steam ahead into my new consulting practice for autism families. Many of you know, I have a child on the spectrum and one year ago I finally stepped up as a leader to help other families thrive instead of letting stereotypes define them. 
I never expected this to be my dharma. But it’s here and it’s so so needed. 

Second, I've received so much joy from coaching yoga teachers over the last five years, I'm going to share the other reasons why I'm no longer serving this audience, because there's incredible value to those people who truly do want to earn a living through their yoga teaching and healing work. 
Are you one of the rare people who are truly committed to being successful and financially independent as a wellness professional? If so, keep reading. 

The real purpose of today's podcast is to have a radically honest conversation about why I'm choosing to release this part of my work, but also how I plan to go out with a bang because I want to serve the select few yoga teachers who are really serious in upleveling their business.

If you're reading this and raising your hand and saying, “Sara, that's me! I'm the person who wants financial independence. I'm the person who wants to grow my business and support my family and support myself and live a beautiful life through this healing work,” this episode is going to create powerful shifts for you.