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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wellness Professional

Sep 24, 2020

Today on Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wellness Professional I’m sharing my evolution as a yoga teacher and business owner in hopes it will inspire you. 

There were some unpredictable bumps and detours that I could never have anticipated on my path and I get real around these with you today. 

I want to do this because people have this idea that they're going to become a yoga teacher or healer and everything will sort itself out without any effort. Their schedule will be perfect, they'll make plenty of money, and they'll live the dream. 

But the reality for many of you is a very, very different one. 

It was for me too until I made powerful investments in myself. 

Dive into this episode to hear more about what I invested in and how I transformed my business to one that’s thriving on the podcast now.