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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wellness Professional

Sep 3, 2020

On today's podcast we are talking about taking inspired action, which sounds so simple on the surface. In real life, it can have layers of complexity. 
For example, a listener reached out to share the following conundrum: 

“I'm really eager to open my own business, but I'm currently in the middle of a contract as an employee for another organization. Until this contract is over, it really limits what I can do. So I guess my hands are tied for the moment?”

What I want you to hear from today's episode is that even when you can't take action, you CAN still take some action (and powerful action at that). So whether you're feeling stuck because you've got kids home 24/7 (ahem, quarantine life), or you’re bound by a non compete or a contract, or you're teaching someplace where you're not allowed to promote yourself, don’t despair.....because YOU CAN STILL TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW!

It’s time to move yourself forward as the business person that you are in a way that is respectful and honors the agreements, which you have entered into willingly. You don’t have to wait for circumstances around you to change. YOU have to decide to change right now. Yes, the action you’re able to take might look different from what you imagined, but taking those steps is still better than doing nothing. 

This episode is going to show you how you can empower yourself to take action today.

If you are interested in taking action now, click the link below to get more information on my upcoming workshop Take Back the Dream-