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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wellness Professional

Jan 16, 2020

On today's brand new podcast episode we are focusing our attention on three essential practices to bring your goals to life. When it comes to goals and new year's resolutions, people either love them or hate them. Some folks work tirelessly towards their achievements while others lose momentum and fizzle out after a couple of weeks, while still others choose not to set goals for one reason only: they're afraid of failure.
Hint: that used to be me.
I would set goals and if I didn't achieve them fast, I'd declare myself a failure and choose not to set them again from a place of fear.
I'm happy to say I no longer participate in this all or nothing mentality, and today's episode takes a close look at the three practices I've used to make setting AND achieving my goals a joyful process filled with growth and insight. If it can feel like this for me after all the years I spent white knuckling it, I promise it can feel great for you too.

And one more thing......

Don't buy into this new year, new you garbage. Today is just another day. You won't get a tardy slip or detention if you didn't have your goal list ready on January 1st. Every day, even every breath is the opportunity for a fresh start if you choose to make it so. I'm here to help you do it with newfound inspiration.